Release Notes - Spring Data GemFire - Version 1.3.2 - HTML format


  • [SGF-168] - Race condition when using Spring data gemfire with tc Server parallel deployment
  • [SGF-176] - Missing Functionality: time to live and entry idle time on a local client region
  • [SGF-185] - @OnServers fails when pool attribute is set - cannot specify both pool and cache
  • [SGF-186] - BeanFactoryLocator reports cache already exists when ClientCache, Pool, and Functions are configured
  • [SGF-188] - Documentation mistake
  • [SGF-189] - Spring Gemfire does not allow persistence for a local region even though this is supported in Gemfire
  • [SGF-192] - client region ignores destroy and close settings


  • [SGF-180] - If nothing references the cache bean it doesn't get initialized
  • [SGF-183] - Little or no logging in Spring Gemfire

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