Release Notes - Spring Social Facebook - Version 2.0.0.RC1 - HTML format


  • [SOCIALFB-153] - V2 API - FeedOperations.getFeed() throws exception deserializing photo post
  • [SOCIALFB-160] - Profile and profile photo links created by FacebookAdapter must be updated to API v2.0
  • [SOCIALFB-163] - JsonMappingException Upon FeedOperations.getPost( contentId ) Invocation
  • [SOCIALFB-165] - In Spring soical facebook 2.0.0.M release, though i set the birthdate in facebook and get the age range using the spring social Facebook api it returns only UNKNOW value
  • [SOCIALFB-168] - PagingParameters must use paging token
  • [SOCIALFB-169] - Add updated_time property to UserOperations.PROFILE_FIELDS

New Feature


  • [SOCIALFB-100] - Review API binding against current Graph API and create enhancement issues to address any gaps


  • [SOCIALFB-150] - Adapt API binding for Facebook API v2.0
  • [SOCIALFB-155] - How to get total friends count for a user having already granted user_friends permission
  • [SOCIALFB-158] - FacebookApiHelper has private constructor
  • [SOCIALFB-170] - Capture permission status in getUserPermissions()
  • [SOCIALFB-172] - Remove FacebookTemplate default constructor
  • [SOCIALFB-173] - Remove FqlOperations
  • [SOCIALFB-174] - Remove FacebookOAuth2Template
  • [SOCIALFB-175] - Ability to fetch user IDs for business
  • [SOCIALFB-176] - Tagged places for user
  • [SOCIALFB-177] - Support for taggable friends and invitable friends
  • [SOCIALFB-178] - Rename domain types and fields to be consistent with Facebook API
  • [SOCIALFB-179] - Add missing fields to User

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