Release Notes - Spring Migration Analyzer - Version 1.0.0.M1 - HTML format


  • [SMA-6] - Implement analysis of multiple archives
  • [SMA-9] - Default the report type to HTML when it's not specified


  • [SMA-5] - Update CI plan to publish snapshots
  • [SMA-12] - Investigate removing link creation from the controllers as links are HTML-specific
  • [SMA-15] - Improve the styling of the HTML report


  • [SMA-1] - As a user, I can analyze multiple archives at a time
  • [SMA-7] - Provide a user guide
  • [SMA-8] - As a user, I can perform an analysis without having to specify a report type
  • [SMA-11] - As a user, I can see the progress of a migration analysis, e.g. analyzing archive x of y
  • [SMA-16] - Specify input path directly rather than as an option as it's mandatory


  • [SMA-4] - Analysis of a non-existent input path is not handled gracefully
  • [SMA-13] - If I give input and output path points to same directory, then it throws an IOException
  • [SMA-17] - Analysis fails if the app uses Spring's EJB, JNDI, or JTA integration
  • [SMA-18] - Images are corrupted in HTML reports generated on Windows

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