Release Notes - Spring Data REST - Version 1.0.0.RC3 - HTML format


  • [DATAREST-33] - Could not write JSON: Infinite recursion (StackOverflowError) when trying to do a PUT
  • [DATAREST-38] - Listing relations with Accept:application/x-spring-data-compact-json does not contain self link.
  • [DATAREST-41] - No update on objects
  • [DATAREST-44] - Issue on Entity without @Version attribute when using Eclipselink as provider
  • [DATAREST-45] - No IDs in href of objects displayed
  • [DATAREST-47] - POST fails, when links : null
  • [DATAREST-48] - Executing /search/findEntityById?id=823892389 with x-spring-data-compact+json does not return any value.

New Feature


  • [DATAREST-30] - The collection resource should not contain a link to searches if no query methods are exported
  • [DATAREST-32] - Make representation key names consistent
  • [DATAREST-35] - URI for single entity must not support POST to create a new resource
  • [DATAREST-37] - Improve exposure of linke @…ToOne relationships
  • [DATAREST-39] - Trying to DELETE a linked non-nullable resource should cause a 405 Not allowed
  • [DATAREST-43] - Object instantiation should not require public default constructor

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