Release Notes - Spring XD - Version 1.0.2 - HTML format

Technical task

  • [XD-2203] - Make sure Spring XD's PDF reference doc has right release revision references


  • [XD-2078] - "http | hdfs" stream starts throwing exceptions after a few minutes
  • [XD-2109] - No way to set 'makeUnique' false when creating job in UI
  • [XD-2113] - Redis aggregate-counter fails when end of interval is on the hour
  • [XD-2201] - Exception in a tap will stop the tapped stream from sinking data
  • [XD-2230] - Fix the configuration problem with Filter and Transform modules
  • [XD-2239] - Fix incorrect IP Address associated with containers
  • [XD-2274] - Intermittent TcpModulesTests.testTcpSink test failure
  • [XD-2345] - XD UI not usable with IE 11


  • [XD-2172] - Provide a way to customize the isolation level of the JobRepository


  • [XD-1880] - Integration test for field-value-counter and aggregate-counter
  • [XD-2096] - UI: Visual representation of Stream/Job with deployed modules
  • [XD-2177] - Add support for Pivotal HD 2.1 (XD 1.0.2 Release)
  • [XD-2228] - Remove logging of password in Shell
  • [XD-2330] - Zip created by Publish 1.1 only contains the shell.
  • [XD-2362] - Created Acceptance CI test environment for 1.0.x

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