Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 3.2.6 - HTML format


  • [SPR-10791] - In spring MVC portlet, @resourceMapping doesn't work.
  • [SPR-10912] - Security vulnerabilities in Spring v2.5.6 and v3.2.4
  • [SPR-10986] - Remove integer conversion in JmsListenerContainerParser
  • [SPR-11002] - MBeanExporter/MBeanRegistrationSupport lack synchronization
  • [SPR-11076] - Use StoredProcedure to call sp, if not set the rowmapper for out parameter which type is cursor, will throw null pointer exception
  • [SPR-11080] - EhCacheFactoryBean fails when statistics are enabled
  • [SPR-11091] - ClassPathScanningCandidateComponentProvider.findCandidateComponents fails on private meta-attributes
  • [SPR-11092] - Set statistics enabled for EhCache
  • [SPR-11093] - If the !profile selector is used the other profiles can be ignored in <beans profile="!foo,bar"/>
  • [SPR-11100] - performancedrop due to repeated JDBC 3.0 getParameterType calls in setNull in StatementCreatorUtils
  • [SPR-11107] - "CglibAopProxy: Unable to proxy method" WARN when bean class contains static final method
  • [SPR-11112] - Type resolution fails for uninitialized factory-method declaration
  • [SPR-11116] - Cannot autowire qualified scoped-proxy @Bean definitions
  • [SPR-11124] - Spring caching: combining multiple @Cacheable within @Caching annotation doesn't work
  • [SPR-11131] - Dependency Injection issue when using ManagedMap or ManagedList in BeanDefinitionParser
  • [SPR-11132] - EhCacheFactoryBean.afterPropertiesSet should be synchronized
  • [SPR-11139] - Fix tests related to java.beans.BeanInfo changes in JDK8-b117
  • [SPR-11140] - Support multiple comma-separated values in X-Forwarded-Host header
  • [SPR-11142] - ReflectivePropertyAccessor should not consider "is" methods with non boolean returns
  • [SPR-11144] - ServletTestExecutionListener breaks old code
  • [SPR-11209] - Recently changes of GenericTypeAwarePropertyDescriptor breaks BeanUtils.copyProperties()


  • [SPR-7831] - Expression evaluator should accept raw collection value for parameterized method argument
  • [SPR-11097] - Map "Foreign key constraint violation occurred" Sybase error code to DataIntegrityViolationException
  • [SPR-11098] - Minor issue with fix for CVE 2010-1622
  • [SPR-11204] - Add Maven 'bill-of-materials' project for 3.2.x

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