Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 3.2.8 - HTML format


  • [SPR-10785] - Method injection causes memory leak
  • [SPR-10837] - Velocity springFormCheckboxes macro does not check preselected items correctly
  • [SPR-11101] - URLs containing %2F (forward slash) are not mapped correctly to @RequestMapping methods
  • [SPR-11366] - LiveBeansView generates invalid JSON on specific case
  • [SPR-11374] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in AbstractErrors for class-level JSR-303 validator
  • [SPR-11378] - Potential ClassCastException in RequestContextListener when destroying the request object
  • [SPR-11385] - Fix off-by-one regression in AbstractMethodMockingControl
  • [SPR-11386] - PreparedStatement#getParameterMetaData() calls may trigger unwanted side effects
  • [SPR-11398] - aop:scoped-proxy may fail with LinkageError: loader attempted duplicate class definition for name
  • [SPR-11407] - EhCacheCacheManager does not wrap runtime-registered caches with TransactionAwareCacheDecorator
  • [SPR-11411] - MarshallingView should not close response output stream
  • [SPR-11420] - Inclusion of 'overloaded' in equals() and hashCode() for MethodOverride breaks equals() in AbstractBeanDefinition
  • [SPR-11422] - resolveFactoryMethodIfPossible should consider nonPublicAccessAllowed flag and SecurityManager scenario
  • [SPR-11428] - Objects with multi-threaded access should not lazily populate a hash field
  • [SPR-11440] - Memory leak in ConcurrentReferenceHashMap


  • [SPR-11392] - Unit test in EvalTagTests fails with French as default locale
  • [SPR-11404] - Broken link into documentation section 21.5.3


  • [SPR-11281] - Improve error reporting for issues related to @Controller types requiring AOP proxing
  • [SPR-11413] - Consistently avoid close() call on Servlet OutputStream
  • [SPR-11417] - MarshallingView should explicitly skip BindingResult when searching for a model object
  • [SPR-11427] - Minor CompositeCacheManager revision

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