[DATAMONGO-1854] Add annotation-based Collation support Created: 21/Jan/18  Updated: 23/May/19  Resolved: 23/Apr/19

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Project: Spring Data MongoDB
Component/s: Repository
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Fix Version/s: 2.2 M4 (Moore)

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Reporter: Shiv Veeram Assignee: Christoph Strobl
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is duplicated by DATAMONGO-2284 Annotation Support for Collations Closed
is related to DATAMONGO-1518 Add support for Collations Closed
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Provide collation support in mongo repository interface.

Comment by Christoph Strobl [ 17/Dec/18 ]

Collation support for Reactive/MongoRepository interfaces could look like this:

1) Via @Query Annotaion

The @Query annotation should be extended to have a collation attribute. The attribute can be a fixed String holding the collation value, the collation JSON representation, a parameter binding flag, of even a JSON allowing parameter binding. Also SpEL might be an option.

@Query(collation = "en_US")
List<Entry> findAllByFixedCollation();

@Query(collation = "{ 'locale' :  'en_US' }")
List<Entry> findAllByFixedJsonCollation();

@Query(collation = "?0")
List<Entry> findAllByDynamicCollation(String collation);

@Query(collation = "{ 'locale' :  ?0 }")
List<Entry> findAllByDynamicJsonCollation(String collation);

@Query(collation = "?#{[0]}")
List<Entry> findAllByDynamicSpElCollation(String collation);

2) Via typed Parameter

...Collation parameter is auto detected via its type (o.s.d.m.core.query.Collation) and applied to the Query.

List<Entry> findAllBy(Collation collation)

A comination of 1) & 2) should lead to an error.

Comment by Christoph Strobl [ 25/Feb/19 ]

Intoducing a new @Collation annotation would allow us to add a CollationResolver that could react on

Collation on domain type

public class DomainType {
  1. Apply the collation value when creating a MongoDB collection via MongoTemplate#createCollection(java.lang.Class)
  2. Apply the collation to indices created for the domain type
  3. Apply the collation to queries issued against the collection
    1. If the Query does not explicitly specify an Collation.
    2. To use the Server default, Query would have to have Collation#SIMPLE set.

Collation on repository

public interface MyRepo extends Repository<...> {
  1. Apply the collation to queries issued against the collection
  2. Apply the collation to indexes auto created for finder methods.

Collation on repository finder method

public interface MyRepo extends Repository<...> {
    List<Entry> findAllByFixedCollation();

    List<Entry> findAllByDynamicCollation(String collation);
  1. Override the potential default collation for specific finders.
  2. Apply the collation to indexes auto created for finder methods.
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